Our Story

The beginning 

Back in 2006, a wise and passionate psychologist heard the call of the whole Metn District. The Metn District was in need of life and renewal. That same psychologist who meets patients in his clinic, teaches German at Dhour Choueir Public Secondary School. He answered the Metn’s need and created Zwazo Events. Since its establishment, Zwazo Events embraced its responsibility towards the whole society and community. By starting off its series of successful events with ten free events for local NGOs, such as Caritas and Saint Vincent de Paul. Today, Zwazo Events, located in Ain Alak, has a record of 2321 events, 354 charity festivals, and 2430 birthday celebrations. Moreover, Zwazo Events has a toy shop located in Le Mall, Saida.


The services

Zwazo Events aims to turn every child’s dream into reality through a customized one of a kind event. It is an event planning company with numerous services including birthdays, festivals, street parades, launchings, and kermesses. Customers have the opportunity to benefit from food stations, catering, sound systems, photography, animal shows, theater plays, jugglers. In addition to mime artists, actors, clown artists, brake dancers, fire breathers, stand-up comedians, musical bands, inflatable games. Also, Arcade games, ice skating facilities, bungee trampoline, rappel, zip line, ballooning, walking pets, and others. Furthermore, Zwazo Events handles all aspects of the event from entertainment, catering, music performances, photography, and games.


Our human resources

Zwazo Events has seven full time employees and fifty part timers. Part timers are usually university students who wish to get in touch with the work force during their time of education.  The company’s HR manager interviews the applicant and tests his or her personality, skills in the field, and most importantly his or her passion for the field. At Zwazo Events, you can witness the Sales manager aiding the animator if the animator is in need of assistance and help because the staff members prioritize the successfulness of the event and satisfaction of the customers. The organizational chart of Zwazo Events consists of a marketing department, sales department, human resources department, finance department, engineering department, event planning department, and design department.


Our Marketing team

​Zwazo Events focuses on online digital marketing. It has a website that informs customers about its widely oriented services and displays numerous pictures of different events. Moreover, it has a Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube page. With more than 9000 likes on Facebook and 3000 followers on Istagram, Zwazo Events reached not only the Metn District but also all Lebanon. Through its online platforms, Zwazo Events markets its services professionally displaying all the details and samples. Prices vary accordingly with what every customer demands from the many services thus, every family or institution is able to afford having a memorable event organized by the expertise at Zwazo Events. With this being said, Zwazo Events has expanded its target market to families, schools, summer schools, municipalities, and NGOs.

​For Zwazo Events, the cooperation and work with the customer does not end with the event.  Zwazo Events calls the customer the following day to get feedback, recommendations, inquiries, and complaints. Customers frequently call the company before Zwazo Events dials them to get feedback to thank the whole team members. Rated 4.3 over 5 on Facebook, potential customers can check the positive feedback through the reviews on Facebook and Instagram.


​Quality & Safety

The strength of Zwazo Events is the quality of their services. Every service is well studied and given the attention and improvement needed. To illustrate, the manufacturers that equips Zwazo Events with the inflatable games have obtained ISO certification for safety. The inflatable games are built in a way that does not impose a threat on the children’s safety if an accident occurs or a simple electricity cut off occurs.

Parents, municipalities, school directors, and NGOs are encouraged to work with Zwazo Events because it provides safe entertainment and gaming. Recently, Zwazo Events invested in a purchase of equipment and utility of $150,000 to improve its services and continue building the successful image it has in today’s market of event planning companies. In order to achieve this ongoing profitable business, Zwazo Events admit to having weaknesses and works on turning them into strengths. Recently, the company is working on improving its sales department from the aspect of contacting and information.


The corporate social responsibility – CSR

​Zwazo Events has shown a great admiration for its corporate social responsibility. By organizing 354 charity festivals to ensure that children in NGOs experience the same celebrations that children with different or better familial conditions live. The company focuses also on sustainability. It started locally in the Metn district, employing regional villagers in order to improve the standards of living of these people and give back to the local community. It works on recycling and sorting wastes after events.


​The procedure

To reserve for an event, potential customers either call the company or via messenger on Facebook or Instagram. Booking an event can take more than an hour on the phone due to the many details, inquiries, and specific recommendations.

​The trendiest demands nowadays are on transformers and cartoon characters. In this situation, the company designers and experts create a theme for the event that links all the services together by the chosen concept. Rappel, wall climbing, zip line, and bungee trampoline are most demanded in kermesses and festivals.

​Zwazo Events is a company that functions independently and is neither a franchise nor under a management contract. Zwazo Events does mentor or facilitate several needs of smaller events planning companies and startups. Throughout the many years, Zwazo Events has gained experience and has worked on decreasing its prime and variable costs. In addition to increasing its profit while enhancing customer satisfaction. Food and beverage cost is about 30% on average.


​To conclude

Today, the Metn District and all Lebanon is witnessing a wave of successful events organized by many companies. Zwazo Events is a leading company in event planning whether in birthday celebrations, launchings, street parades, kermesses, and festivals.  Zwazo Events has established three other event planning companies that have different concepts such as wedding planning and festival planning.

The most important ingredient in a successful business according to the owner of Zwazo Events is passion towards the chosen business. Delegation of responsibilities is attainable when every staff member is aware of the standard of work that Zwazo Events presents. Due to the successfulness of Zwazo Events, children and parents are satisfied, municipalities have engaged with their community, schools have entertained their students, and NGOs continued to bless those who need them.